CuraTour's SC Heritage Corridor

Mobile Applications for Museums

Curatour Overview

The CuraTour team designs and develops media-rich, mobile applications, websites, and interactive experiences that can stand-alone, complement your exhibit’s displays, or augment your organization’s site. CuraTour’s applications can also facilitate users’ ability to communicate with friends and immediately send them recommendations, building the highly sought after word-of-mouth marketing that is so vital to cultural and heritage tourism.

CuraTour® develops interactive applications that can be used...

...for Tourism

Create a route or interest-based itinerary from a selection of attractions. Build on suggested itineraries by incorporating selected locations, then provide directions from one to the next. Find specific sites with simple keyword searches.

...for Museums

Connect to complimentary exhibit content including audio and video tours, participatory interactive activities, and enhanced views of objects and historical vistas with related content (augmented reality)

...for Visitor Feedback

Retrieve usage information to adjust educational and visitor offerings. Refine marketing strategies and glean important metrics for planning tourism strategies.

...for Advertising

Support or offset the cost of establishing your mobile website or application through the placement and distribution of advertisements.

...for Accessibility

Allow the user to enlarge text and change languages while on the move. The physically impaired can now access your attractions like never before.

Mobile applications can be made compatible with Apple, Android, Blackberry, and Windows mobile devices.

CuraTour Sample Screen

Ask us how CuraTour can help activate your museum by emailing us at or call us at (888) 444-1242.